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About this theme I use this theme for sophisticated single-sourcing projects that I work on as a professional technical writer.
Customizing the theme You start customizing the theme by gutting the existing content in this theme and replacing it with your own content. Start with the configuration files, the...
Crawler Development Challenges
Crawlers Classifications
Crawler Source Code Describes crawler source code layout, and development process
Getting started with this theme To get started with this theme, first make sure you have all the prerequisites in place; then build the theme following the sample build commands. Because th...
Pages This theme uses pages only, not posts. You need to make sure your pages have the appropriate frontmatter. One frontmatter tag your users might find helpful i...
Sandbox Environment
Docido Application Architecture
Docido Plugins Lifecycle
Docido Crawlers
Components Development Tools
Support Contact me for any support issues.
Support Contact us for any support issues.
Supported features If you're not sure whether Jekyll and this theme will support your requirements, this list provides a semi-comprehensive overview of available features.
Troubleshooting This page lists common errors and the steps needed to troubleshoot them.
WebStorm Text Editor You can use a variety of text editors when working with a Jekyll project. WebStorm from IntelliJ offers a lot of project-specific features, such as find and ...
Introduction Overview This site provides documentation, courses, and training for Docido crawlers development. Audience This documentation is dedicated to developers. Getting started To get started, see the following topics: Docido Architecture Crawlers Architecture Sandbox Application Components lifecycle Crawlers Classification Crawlers Development...